Lakengren FAQ


What is the Property Owners Fee at Lake Lakengren?

The property owners fee is $673.26 per year. There is also an additional Lakengren membership application fee of $350. The Lakengren membership application fee is a one time fee and is applied only the first year. Each year thereafter you will only pay the $673.26

Are there any other fees associated with living in Lakengren?

The only other fees associated with living in Lakengren is the cost of mandatory trash service.

What if I only want to purchase a lot?

Lot owners in Lakengren pay the same property owners fee of $673.26 annually. There is also a water availability fee for lot owners of $50.50 each quarter. If you have an additional lot that is connected to your existing home in Lakengren or you own two lots side by side the $50.50 water availability fee is waived. All additional lots must pay the water availability fee. Lot owners are exempt from trash service.

Do I need a membership card?

Yes, you will be issued membership cards for you and your family, as well as stickers for any vehicles that you register. Your membership card can be used to access Lakengren’s amenities such as the pool. Vehicle barcodes can be obtained to enter through the south and east gates. Vehicle barcodes have a one time activation fee of $30 and a $15 yearly charge.

Do I need to register my cars, boats and golf carts?

Yes, This can be done at the Lakengren office, located near the front gate. Stop in and as for a membership package. You will need to fill this out and return it with any supporting documents, such vehicle registrations.

Who Provides the Trash Service?

Waste Management provides trash service to Lakengren residents. Trash service is mandatory at a cost of $55/quarter. If you only live at the lake part time you are able to take one quarter off.

Who Provides Utilities for Lake Lakengren?

Trash – Lakengren Waste Management – (937) 456-3173

Water – Lakengren Water Authority – (937) 456-4455

Recycle – Rumpke – 800-582-3107

Natural Gas –  Knox Energy – (740) 927-6731

 Electric – Dayton Power & Light – 800-433-8500